“…getting to know them
and genuinely caring
about them…”

I was introduced to Madelyn Ashley, RN, MSN during the summer of 2009.  I have been a nurse for over 30 years and my sister, the CEO of a retirement community, were becoming alarmed by the worsening health and mental status of our aging parents.  My  parents resided in Chapel Hill, NC, my sister in Christiansburg, Va, and I live in SF, CA.  My dad a newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s  patient and my mom a lifelong smoker with COPD were facing challenges that were new to them as well as to us, their children.

My sister did some research and Madelyn and Senior Transitions were recommended.  Madelyn was able to come into their home (they did not welcome her with open arms) while mom was hospitalized and assess what they would need to live successfully in their own home.  Madelyn offered us great advice, support, frequent updates and managed all their care from prescriptions and doctor’s visits to just spending time in their home talking with them, getting to know them and genuinely caring about them.  Her focus was to help all of us as a family unit cope with changes and be proactive in planning for the future.

She arranged 24hr care when it became needed.  Madelyn’s assessment skills and communication were fantastic.  She became the person my dad learned to call in an emergency and made it possible for mom to die at home without any heroic measures as she wanted.  Madelyn supported us through the funeral and still keeps in contact to make sure we are ok.

Madelyn is extremely knowledgeable about care and services for seniors.  She was easily able to access services that would have taken us weeks to figure out.  I can’t imagine how it would have been to have gone through all these transitions without her.  Today my dad is living in an assisted living facility in Va.  He is as happy as I’ve seen him for a while and personally I attribute much of his success to Madelyn’s caring and wisdom.

Jill Backer RN MS
Director of Nursing
Edgewood Center for Children and Families

“Madelyn has
been a godsend”

My family has been working with Madelyn Ashley for more than two years.  In that time, our parents were moved to a home, our paralyzed and aphasiac father passed away, and our mother’s dementia has increased substantially.  During this very difficulty time, Madelyn has been a godsend.   Her affection for our beloved parents, her vast medical knowledge, and understanding of medical protocols, has given us all a sense of security about their care.

Most important, though, is the respect that she brings into the process, most especially for our parents.   She treats them with the kind of respect and affection that one hopes will be the measure of one’s parents’ last days.

Jay A.