Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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In order to determine the needs of each client, a thorough assessment is completed. The areas assessed include a comprehensive look at all medical problems, medications, cognitive assessment, psychological and social assessment, home environment and safety assessment, and financial and legal issues. The concerns of the client and family are discussed in depth. Once the needs are determined and assessments completed, a plan of care is developed in conjunction with the family and client.

There are often many issues needing to be addressed when families are trying to cope with changing needs of their older family member. Counseling and support are provided to help the family members and clients as they go through these challenging times. Senior Transition's staff have expertise in a wide range of aging issues, including managing complex medical problems and Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia's. This expertise helps them support the family as they travel through the aging maze.

When medical conditions change or develop there is a need for information regarding these health problems. This will facilitate the client's self management of the problem, when appropriate, in addition to helping the family understand the problem, the changes that are occurring while assisting with planning for the future. Providing education and support are a key part of the services you will receive from Senior Transitions.