Friday, April 20, 2018
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Older adults often see multiple doctors as a result of experiencing several medical problems. The geriatric care manager will coordinate the care from each physician making sure that the primary doctor knows what each specialist has done at each visit. Each specialist will be informed of what has or hasn't changed since the client's last physician visit. The care manager usually accompanies the client to the doctor, unless the client requests to go alone. In the event that the care manager doesn't accompany the client, the information will be provided to the physician via a letter accompanying the client or via an email as per instructed by the doctor. Coordinating medical care and nursing care is an important part of what a geriatric care manager does to help maintain a good quality of life for the older adult while providing the family with peace of mind.

The family receives regular communication from the care manager as to how their family member is doing as well as in follow-up after medical appointments. This allows for the family to be up to date on their family member's medical problems and daily life.